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Flottes automobiles


Flottes automobiles


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“A big congratulations to the CaRool team for your application, it made my visit to the Boulangère & CO park easier. »


“Thank you for listening to our field feedback and above all BRAVO, it’s super simple and what a time saver for us…”

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Avoid unnecessary purchases by adopting a responsible approach: we advise you to replace your tires only if they are worn or damaged. Facilitate the management of driver changes and fleet exits by monitoring the storage location of your drivers' tires (summer/winter).


Reduce the risk of accidents: 6% of fatal accidents in Europe are caused by worn tires. Each year, 1 million technical inspections result from non-compliant tires. Respect mountain and winter laws by opting for tires marked 3PMSF to ensure safe driving and avoid unnecessary costs.

Fleet report.

Control your tire policy to optimize costs. Plan your expenses by establishing an inventory, simplify budgets by efficiently tracking where tires are kept, and make sure you only change what needs to be changed. Stay in control to avoid overconsumption and check the brands set up for proactive financial management.

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